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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 9, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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lot of the this is kron4 news at 9. >> tonight san francisco has a new district attorney, though it is days the familiar face. george gaston has now been appointed as the city's district attorney. he will fulfil the position that has been vacated. >> congratulations. >> with his last official act gavin discount introduced gas onto the small gathering at city hall. he will serve all the time bait in the vacated district attorney position until november were he walked around for reelection
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if he wants to remain in office. >> i took this job because i really believe that we can take and built on the hard work that now attorney general harris has done. we're want to have to figure out ways to bring the criminal-justice together in a different matter and what we have done in the past. i believe that we can i can offer something to this world that will be somewhat unique and have the understanding, and a career that has been incredible to may. and then falling on the footsteps of someone i consider what of the best district attorney. >> as i was listening to him, it became clear to me
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that he was the choice. he did not know that. he was giving me some good buys, he just did not know how good the advice was. >> current assist the police went to step band. >> i do not see any issues as far as i'm concerned, i am sure some people regard asked why he left the department white became the district attorney. i have not had a conversation with him about that. >> in sentences could dave did go kron4 is. >> of the and also make payments as a surprise to many today. despite having a law degrees, a guest on does not have lot of time in court. >> i did the key, he said a lot. they think that the mayor made the right choice
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but selecting former police off chief as the new district attorney. bosnia says that he things passed on to things that could lead to bring the d.a.'s office and the police department together, by using the past tensions between the two departments. >> he has camelot enforcement experience. and i think that what he brings will be the ability for the first time in many years to bring the police department and the district attorney's office together. so they are working on the same page. i do not think he's going to going to court and try case, most the a's do not do that. it is not expected for them to do that. >> i think he will, he came in as an outsider to the police department. which is difficult to deal with on its own. the people respect
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him. >> at his gas gaunt taking a bit of risk by giving up his position as the police chief to accepted the position which is temporary. >> your are right he is taking a gamble, but fog still thinks that he is coy to run and win that seat. the a guest on has city has plans to run for the assistant district attorney. >> he says this is a very unique situation we will have been in term mayor in place, so the commissioners are going to happen to me up their regular wednesday meeting, and he tells me they giving the city in the situation for early the next 10 months with the new interim mayor, they do not know if there could have in terms chiefs or permanent chief. in order to do that there will have to do a whole nationwide search. but the commissioners have to think of what they're want to do with the whole situation. t\
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i think that guess, is a good chief police but its biggest part of our rope to go full betting at canada as for the job. before was a police commissioner of the prosecutor in here in san francisco sent all lot officers and commanders and the department and in my opinion there's a lot of good canada's the we should take a look at. >> speaking of canada to gets to decide that the bear are the police commissioners. >> the police commission paid it plays a role, they narrow it down to three candidates but it is ultimately decided upon by the mayor. and he will decide the next police chief. >> after swearing and george gascoigne as the district attorney, gabonese and sat at a chance to say goodbye to his colleagues and friends in the city. >> i want to thank all of
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you for the privilege of a lifetime, this is been an honor. i am grateful for this moment in time. the purpose is to do the right thing all we stand on principles principles transcend. in do not look back and regret. the worst in life is to be given this privilege and say i could and should a. i feel like i gave it my all. >> he is in sacramento so tonight he will be sworn in as as lieutenant governor on monday. >> well we manage to get some sunshine here today, a lot of it for this afternoon. all the fog low clouds from yesterday, are retreating added to the central valley. despite the sunny skies, temperatures are really having a hard time warming up. mid to upper '40's. upper low fifties for like standard fell sandro's with clear
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skies. temperatures are plummeting, we are in the '30's in many locations right now. at 35 degrees for now, and fairfield. the coldest places for to buy into tomorrow morning. going all we down to the mid to upper 20s. here is future cast at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, where you see the pink that shows temperatures in the 20's from spare filled antioch, livermore as well as the no. a balance. perhaps some areas closer tpublic to know more about that coming up. >> congresswoman and gifford is still fighting for her life tonight. six others were killed. police believe the suspect 0 lead targeted gifford. >> rep gifford remains in
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critical condition after saturday's mass shooting in arizona which left six people dead and up 14 others wounded. doctors say deferreds is responding to simple commands. >> we're very encouraged by that, we're still in critical condition. brain swelling can take a turn for the worst i am cautiously optimistic. >> police have filed charge pitches and gains gerald. >> i do believe he will be charged with the assault on the congresswoman, that for the killing of judge role and the assault on all the other staffers. >> given this tragedy, all logical precautions are in place to best to ensure the safety of other public officials. >> the committee has set up a vigil outside the hospital paid tribute to the victims including nine your i will
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add nine year-old girl. >> yesterday was a challenging day for tucson the state of arizona and the nation. but we will get through this. i am convinced that after i saw the way people pull together. >> april williams kron4 news. >> the 911 dates have been released. here is a listen to one of the for scholars. >> not what one what is the of emergency? >> in of all >> a guy has a gun. >> is anybody injured? did you say gabrielle deferred was hurt. >> she is breeding, see has been shot. >> carroll is in federal
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custody he is expected in court to bar we will have complete coverage on kron4 news starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. still i had the plane with 100 people crashes into rot. police incentives investigates three more murders, ford introduces its electric car. local politician is a target of the daily so and lady dai got introduces a new version of an old product at the consumer electronics show.
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in news around the world investigators are trying to figure out what caused a passenger jet to crash in iran. the pilots of the boeing 727 reported a technical failure after taking off from time wrong. and the attempted to make an emergency landing in the snow storm. heavy fog so complicated rescue measures. for people are dead following a shooting spree in italy. officials
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suspect, paula alleged infidelity may have to trigger the shooting spree. news reports of italy are also suggesting that the shooter had a history of mental problems. the african nation of sudan on could split into creating the world's newest country. thousands of refugees celebrated in a makeshift polling places eight cities across the country. the elections will last all week, and report of the peace deal that ended a long civil war. it is rich in oil but what of the poorest regions. some of the haven't taken the christmas tree down here, coming up your not alone there are some christmas trees disposed of badly coming up with stanley roberts. >> future cast showing a lot of twenties around the bay area this evening i will have the forecast for you coming up.
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well he we are live in san francisco, and it is a cold night out here. we have thirties' much around the bay area. we are plummeting for tonight. going into the 20s and the school pots. most birdies everywhere else, a closer freezing right now in to san ramon at 33 degrees. apart tomorrow morning right around 60 7:00 a.m., that is on we're going to hit balls coldest temperatures we're looking at mid '30's near the bay, near freezing their for san jose to below freezing on the east and north bay. so a cold night to be sure. the satellite and radar showing some clotting as offshore, this is the leading edge of will will be a rain increasing store coming up later this week. although looks like a coin to be light rain, there is the bulk of the system out here.
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light rain coming up tuesday. here is future cast there is the rain offshore 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it will take awhile to get here it will show up at the bay area are around 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. there is for the north bay, it is going to be on the light side as we go through the day. most of its face to the north of the of all the big bridge, this is not a point to be at hughes storm by any means. especially, to the north of san francisco and we may have some more showers coming up for early wednesday. also i get for thursday. but the storm trackers really shifting to the north this week, i think the heaviest raids are going to be out in the pacific northwest. here is future cast looking at rain and snow, the blue shows where the snow is this is tuesday afternoon so some wintry travel coming up for the
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sierra on tuesday. no alert so effect yet. but there could be up to 12 in. of snow in the highest areas snow levels at 3,500 ft.. now for tamara, look for a high temperature is still struggling to huambo upper 40's and low to mid '50's a little bit warmer than what we have seen this weekend. mostly sunny skies, but and we have a cloud moving it from that source system in the pacific. send francisco law high of 52 degrees, 56 said jose and dallas 7 day at around the bay. the forecast is changing all little bit yesterday look like it was going to be pretty much this week, but not so much now. late rain on tuesday, forecasters also in a quarter inch at best. perhaps a couple of early morning showers. just a slight chance of rain, the
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mall's is north of the golden gate bridge, looking at thursday, we will start to turn sunny or perhaps even more by the end of the week had read into next weekend. >> government shows that unemployment dropped in december, christine, he said the numbers alone don't tell local store. >> and the york hotel draws all home to huge crowds and advertises to record at 50 job openings. >> at the trend is clear, we sought 12 straight months one of private sector job growth. >> december's unemployment rate was 5.4%, down from 9.8 in november. it was the steepest one month drop since 1998 and the lowest rate since in 19 months. but that does not mean that there's a bunch of new jobs out there, employers say the only created about a hundred
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and 30 but also positions. that is not nearly enough to make up for what the president calls the worst recession of our lifetime. the lower unemployment figure was roughly two factors. 297,000 people found jobs. on the other hand 260,000 said they stopped looking. >> we still have a whole bunch of boats out there looking insulin. we've got a big hole that we are dealing ourselves up. >> the city could take two years to get the jobless numbers down. coming up a rash of shootings in one city what police are saying they may all be connected. in the local politician was on the daily show, but he did to get so much national attention.
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now here is still in poverty
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of the people behaving badly. >> of the corner of east lake avenue and mission street and alley street is three christmas trees. what of the trees are branded tree stand, on the other there is some dekker race of the bias toward the street. just outside the library, but we've removed illegally disclosing a christmas tree perches. every city has a proper way to the discarded christmas trees in the city of up to cut them in corporate sections not dumping them in a quarter or valley. it separates this go all you have to do is put your green they trash minus the plastic bag. almost every tree to be recycled, except for trees with boston in tinsel still attached. >> this whole more almost got it right, except the green dave picked up was in the morning. bellhop to call in and schedule in to pick up. over in sentences
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go you cannot leave your christmas trees at a local fire station, although the sides it fixed rent or site, this applies to babies and on christmas trees. divide dough you need to do to get rid your christmas trees, contactors that is public works department. for people behaving badly telling roberts kron4 news. >> if you have, suggestions for a daily e-mail is that people behaving badly at coming up looking at a russian shoes and sandals a what is being done to stop it. plus if you're in the market for an electric car, you might want the focus of four. and just when you thought that the bill right camera was because they there's a pop star and it back again.
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san jose police are investigating to shootings over the weekend killing. this morning a body was
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found in round a corner at the 1000 block of north 12th street. we talked to police to believe these two crimes are connected. >> san jose police say they were alerted to trouble here at the mexicali club 830 p m saturday night. >> a call came through where someone said they heard gunshots, and some of coming into the nightclub on with a handgun. >> there is where they thought to a spanish man of dead. >> indication sit there is probably more than one shooter. >> the bar had been packed with customers, there was quite a bit of violence in chaos. beaker police say they're looking for three of four hispanic males, 12 hours after the shooting and 80 m sunday morning the body of another hispanic man was spotted on the corner on north 12th street. inside a
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black sgb the neighbors say that was parked here in this driveway. >> we believe that this is another individual who is associated to this mexicali nightclub incident. >> they do not know that some the midst of a victim of saturday night shooting of our suspect fatally injured leaving the scene. >> quite natural anything is possible. >> the motive and it it's gang-related still under investigation. >> in oakland the city has already seen five, this year's, last of 20 temples christopher jones who is killed on new year's eve. today family and friends honored him with a memorial at the baptist church. they talked about the good student, a friend and son. they're not the only family morning tonight, two teenagers were killed last night. >> it happen so often and
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of oakland, that for many people in the bay area people said they are almost them to another shooting death in east oakland. but when you put a name on it, see the victim face and the faces of his family, the killing becomes personal because you can see and hear how it tears the family apart. >> and emotionally are rare, >> when the latest victims labelle of 15 year-old who was eating an ice-cream minutes before he was killed. his father said he left the house and was walking to shop right supermarket, when someone shot him in the store's parking lot. it happened saturday evening at brown ibm. witnesses heard seven to eight shots. >> not quite, i still don't believe it. >> labelle was a sophomore located at fremont high
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school campus and abuse oakland. this spell out their said his he had plans to attend college. about 30 family and friends remembered the teenager in the parking lot where he was killed. they say he was a good kid. and he had a lot of potential. he said his father said the old, will not bury the young. police do not have a motive in the shooting, and so far no suspects are in custody. it oakland all lin kron4 news. >> temperatures right now are getting colder for this evening, we are in the '30's and a lot of places. most locations with that the exceptions of the 36 cluster freezing for fairfield livermore. we will be going below freezing and a lot of places this evening or the east bay valets. going through albany are round a curve, tonight mostly clear
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skies of like last night, clear conditions and that is going to allow the temperatures to drop and you can see the stars out there. tomorrow morning look for mostly sunny conditions, there are some areas expected to get fog of possible freezing fog as we're getting below freezing. frost as well no. the east bay valleys. throughout the day mostly sunny with the grizzly high clouds your up the afternoon. future cast at 6:00 a.m. show in the coldest places in the valleys around santa rosa, now but east bay valley. the proposals of 30's for the rest of the bay area. such a cold start, we're really going to have a tough time limit things up. a lot of places that in the '40's for most of the day. for tuesday, the clock is ticking and the chance for a light rain arrives. on and
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off free throw out the door. on another big star not a another big storm. another system arise for thursday. the storm is taking more of a northbound course, so i think a lot of that rate is point to miss the bay area. just a slight chance for thursday at will let you know about the forecast for tomorrow in the next seven days. >> several people were taken to hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning they were staying at the sentences, marriott, the fire departments as they may not be the first guest poisoned by the deadly gas. >> the fired the bullet and said they believe the problem was coming from this alleyway, which runs alongside the marriott. now this is the hotel right here, what the fire department says is what was happening that the air intake vent some what alongside the hotel, were actually picking up, monoxide fumes from a faulty water heater from this
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building. then following up diems out into the hotel and into people's rooms. tuesday night may not have been the first night for this type of listing, the fire fighters responded to days ago for the same type. it was not until paramedics tested the blood of thursday's victims, that they discovered it was not of blue, but high levels of carbon monoxide in their blood and in the air of pressrooms support below. parliament of health has cleared their brims out. reporting from sentences go capon since kron4 news. >> come up, this is by your father's automobile. looking at the ford collector car. everyone is going gaga at the consumer electronics show. a lady got god that is.leelady got bagot
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after some well-publicized
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plight, ford is releasing its own version of the electric car. it was in unbilled at it consumer electronics show. >> rolling out its response to the competition, the ford electric car riding high with strong consumer reviews and a commitment to going green. with hybrids of electric cars making up the 10 to 20% of its part by 2020. ford is coming a bit late to the ego party, trailing behind mobil and unease on. >> we aroff this platform, we'e going to have conventional gasoline engine, where or to have a hybrid and a pure luck. because one size does not fit all for the customer. >> is that part of a
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strategy, gm completed eight separate car, so did nissan. is that white ford chose one of its own brands, >> yes, the customers know the fort focused. secondly we can offer a suite of technology is not just one technology. and of the pure electric itself, we get more miles per gallon than doubled and half the charging time of the elite. which gives us more combat competitive advantages. >> this is something new for america, the idea of america still past and race. honestly gm has not done so well selling cars that has nisan. do you think america is ready to embrace the idea of green cards? >> as long as they do not have to be about anything. every customer will be on board. when you ask if you're willing to give up
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performance, pay more space, the numbers will start to the window. i think the nice thing about this technology is that they do not have to give up anything, they have all the space that they need any this bowl of features. i think with that as part of the package they will accept it more. >> this going green mean you have to make some trade- offs? >> for us rolling out this technology, any new technology is expensive. doesn't matter what deals your in. so that is why we chose to electrify what are mainstream vehicles. >> high bridge only count for about 2% of sales. how are you going to read up and drop the sales.?. i believe more and more people will be seeking at one of these cars. >> do you drive for one? >> yes i do.
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>> your great-grandfather dreamed of making an elector carl? >> yes they did. >> coming up next on not to get yourself on tv. will talk with the unhappy politician. >> temperatures were chilly once again despite the sunshine and a mixture of upper to mid-50s. tonight will be down right frigid. i will have your forecast coming up.
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it is a cold night out there, here is a view of the bay bridge clear skies for tonight. that means it's coin together really chile into tomorrow morning, below freezing in some locations. even right now is really cold, '30's in a lot of places look at walnut creek
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32 at the freezing point. a lot of places are looking like walnut creek. san francisco the one spot at 43. but even in the city going into the upper 30's for tonight. here's a look at future cast going into the overnight hours, colors and purple and pink means cold. there represents readings into the 20s around concord, livermore, napa, basically anywhere away from the bay. probably below freezing tonight. mid-30s into oakland and hayward as well san mateo. now the satellite's radar shows some changes on the way, there's a band that cloudiness, this is a point to overt sprayed the bay area for tomorrow afternoon. the bulk of the system is still well out here over the pacific, it
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will take some time to get here not until tuesday before the rain arrives. here is future cast we're looking at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, there is the rain off shore so it is slowly approaching the bay area. by 6:00 a.m. on tuesday, into marin and sonoma counties. notice that it is on the light side here. bill like green color is none of the darker colors and show that the rape. notice also, that it is to the north of the golden gate bridge in the north bay. so places to the south of san francisco, hardly anything at all. the highest rainfall amounts in the north bay, possibly a quarter of an inch. so this is not a big storm by any means. we may see a few more showers as we go through wednesday and thursday. the big story, cold storage temperatures tonight. below freezing in
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all lot of locations, closer freezing near the bay low to mid 30's into oakland, i he would end redwood city. tomorrows size will be getting into the fifties if we are lucky. 52 percent francisco, a little bit warmer for san jose at 56. mostly sunny skies and some clubs there too. at best a quarter of a venture rain coming into the north bay on tuesday. maybe a couple of showers for wednesday otherwise partly sunny skies in just a slight chance of rain on thursday. it now looks like thursday's storm was headed north into the pacific northwest and means less rain for us. then perhaps all little bit warmer for the end of the week may be into the '60s. >> nicolas cage is new beat movie season of the witch came in third place at the box office. season of the
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which sold $10.7 million. will fall chris tucker around this weekend at second place in pulled an $13.8 million. last week little fokker is the out true grit for the top spot, but not this week, talk true grit took top billing, it is the first western since the 1990's to win no make over zero hundred million dollars. a local lawmaker has been targeted by a debt the daily show. champion of the event, became the butt of the joke. but took the whole thing in stride. >> we had no idea of the way it would turn out, but they did allow us to get our message out. >> supervisor erica more of the daily show did spend two
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hours interviews in him about the happy meal legislation. the daily show with john stewart, has gone over 40,000 dues. here you can see that piece on the daily show, the most brutal part says that his daughter doesn't eat fast food anymore after watching a documentary supervisory. >> would be hard to pass a law to force it net flexed to sen super sized meat to every parent in san francisco. >> you can't force a private company to do something like that. >> are you serious right now? >> so on one hand, you can't do that but on the other hand you are doing that. >> i don't feel that way. we are looking at food from
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a food environment issues from and ability. >> after all that, it turns out the supervisors taken all thing with humor. >> is great to a lot of myself and not take too seriously but it did allow us to get all legislation and message out. >> the mayor's office said it took about 20 takes, for the mayor to sit there without laughing. >> i'm christine from leon kron4 news. >> coming up the some of the hottest toys coming other consumer electronics store. >> a here's the catch can get your hands on some of them for least another 20 years.
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now tech reporter games late shows the latest gadgets at the consumer electronics store. >> lady gaga opened this year's international c e s. she helped design a new line of products for polaroid.
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the sunglasses, have a built in camera that takes digital and still pictures. with bill to include tooth, the sunglasses can send a picture of the usenet to small portable printer that you and carry around. the idea is to take a picture with your shades of instantly be able to print out a physical picture. kind of a cool idea, and it gets better. the shade of the built-in video display you concede through. you can put up images of the display. the sunglasses and printer, out in march, no price for the class's yet. here's a real handy gadget to power your various devices, the n power plant collects energy as it moves. so the keeping your purse or backpack as you walk your running gains energy. great for days long backpacking and camping trips with no power. then
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when you need to charge a device to discharge don't connected to the charter. no batteries your wall plug needed good clean efficiency. it is $160 in care be pre order now. and lastly something that may never come to market in our lifetime but sokol to look at it, the tiny concept vehicle, but he you suitor with the upgrade seat. gm sees this as the future of how to get around crowded streets. it is folly electric in ways one-third less of the trip traditional cars. don't fall in love with it, the cb is not expected to hit city streets for another 20 years. >> another chilly night? >> this in the '20s and the north bay bally's 37 around the base of $1, >> of the that a lot an
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upper crust we will see you back about 11.
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